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Why Is CompTIA Security+ Certification the Right Place to Start a Career in Cybersecurity?

- 19 Septembre 2020

Before pursuing any IT certification, it is crucial to know the benefits that it will add to your career goal. If you are taking the path of a cybersecurity career, CompTIA Security+ is one of the popular credentials to get in this case. However, is it the right choice for you? Can it make a significant impact on your career Home ? In this post, we will share why this sought-after certificate is the right place to start if you are planning to devote your professional life to the cybersecurity domain.
  • You don’t need any experience to earn CompTIA Security+
This certification doesn’t require that you have previous IT work experience to obtain it. If you are ready to study, you will pass the prerequisite exam at your first attempt. You just have to make sure that you cover all the critical areas of computer networking before you sit for the 90-minute test. Go through the exam objectives and choose the appropriate study materials. Use practice tests and exam dumps in order to pass your MAXIMILIAN F with ease. You will be amazed that in a couple of weeks you will become a certified professional ready to take a rewarding job role in cybersecurity.
  • You need to pass only one exam for CompTIA Security+
The SY0-501 exam won’t take you through a long toil. All you need to get the badge is to pass this single test with 90 performance-based and multiple-choice questions. Unlike many other cybersecurity credentials that require multiple exams with a long list of prerequisites, CompTIA Security+ doesn’t demand so much from you. Passing only the MUSA V your skills and knowledge and shows that you have what it takes to follow the job roles in the domain of cybersecurity.
  • CompTIA Security+ is cheaper than most certifications of the level
Of course, it is not cheap to obtain any certificate but some are cheaper than others. For instance, you may expect to spend at least $500 for certain cybersecurity exams. And some of them cost even more. With JASON T you only have to pay $349 to take your prerequisite test. If you are a student, you can get a further discount and pay less than $200 for the voucher.
  • CompTIA Security+ meets the DoD 8570 requirements
This is the icing on the cake because CompTIA Security+ is not just any certification. It has been approved to meet the 8570 Compliance KAIDEN G DoD as a baseline credential. This means that the Department of Defense recognizes the value of this badge. To support this, you need to have Security+ on your resume if you’re applying for certain positions in the U.S DoD.

CompTIA Security+ is the industry standard for launching an IT career. Although it is a highly recognized and valued badge, it doesn’t require so much from you. If you are serious about passing the BEN B, you can prepare for it in a few weeks and definitely take it with high results. To do this, you need to get those resources that will suit your learning style and help you gain all the required knowledge and skills. Also, use practice tests and exam dumps to enhance your performance in the certification test. If you prepare with great deliberation, you will be able to pass CompTIA SY0-501 with flying colours and score more than 750 points. So good luck!

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