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Angola Capital investments advances healthcare technology

Alwihda Info | Par Info Alwihda - 9 Mars 2016 modifié le 9 Mars 2016 - 11:04

Investment in Sphera Global Health Care Brings Quality Healthcare to People Around the World

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NEW YORK, NY – March 7, 2016 – Angola Capital Investments (ACI), a leading international investment firm headquartered in Angola, announced its investment in Sphera Bluoshen S.A. to support the development of the finest healthcare technology around the globe.

ACI is a major shareholder in Sphera Bluoshen S.A., a subsidiary of Oshen Group and part of Sphera Global Health Care. Sphera Global Health Care is a unique medical company that specializes in medical services and brings together carefully selected high-level hospitals, clinics, doctors and technologies. The objective is to democratize healthcare services so that people in Angola, and all over the world, have access to quality healthcare.

Technology advancements have become a very important aspect of the African healthcare system. “When a patient has access to technology they are more informed, which enables them to make better decisions and demand better treatment” said Zandre Campos, chairman and CEO of ACI. “It also enables patients access to international medicine, no matter where they are located.”

Sphera Global Health Care differs from other healthcare companies because of its focus on communication technologies. As patients demand more, including the best professionals and the most thorough information, Sphera Global Health Care is developing communication technologies to meet those demands. Technologies already developed include video conferencing, telemedicine, virtual platforms, apps, and mobile-health. Besides improving communication, the technologies also guarantee the delivery of quality healthcare and reduce unnecessary hospital or clinical visits.

mHealth is a mobile app that provides consultation 24/7 for pediatric and general medicine. It stimulates engagement, maximizes preventive disease discussions, increases efficiency and reduces the cost of care when the number of unnecessary visits is reduced. Most importantly, more people have access to quality healthcare services.

In Angola, Sphera Global Health Care’s healthcare technology can also be found in the International Medical Center (IMC). Located in the capital city Luanda, the IMC is an outpatient center that aims to provide the highest level of care. It has an on-site laboratory, other cutting edge technologies, and delivers international medical services. It is run by doctors with international training and has a multidisciplinary team, including family doctors, specialists and nurses.