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BenQ declares ZOWIE to be its new brand for eSports

- 19 Juin 2016 modifié le 1 Janvier 1970

BenQ, one of the pioneers of professional gaming monitors and a leading human technology and solutions provider, has announced that the ZOWIE brand will represent its future releases in the gaming line.

BenQ acquired ZOWIE in 2015 in order to aggressively lead its eSports offerings with products that deliver true competitive advantages. Following its investment in ZOWIE gear, the company will continue to show its commitment to gamers by providing eSports athletes with premium professional gaming products via the ZOWIE brand. This means all future BenQ gaming-related merchandise will be introduced under the ZOWIE brand name. Combining the core competences of BenQ and ZOWIE, new ZOWIE-branded eSports devices will focus on ergonomics and personalization to provide innovations that truly enhance player performance and enjoyment.

Right from its inception, the ZOWIE brand has been dedicated to the development of competitive gaming products in close cooperation with professional players. ZOWIE values the commitment and hard work that it takes for competitive gamers to achieve best results. ...

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