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Bengaluru, India: Mirwaiz (only hope for Kashmiris) should be faithful to Islam, before becomes irrelevant

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 25 Mai 2016 modifié le 25 Mai 2016 - 18:49

Sub:- Mirwaiz (only hope for Kashmiris) will become irrelevant in public life of J&K, if does not become faithful to Islam.

--- The way ‘All Parties Hurriyat Conference’ (APHC) Chairman, Moulvi Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a melancholy manner addressed Kashmiri Muslims on Friday at the historic Jamia Masjid Srinagar (J&K) by saying that –“[The trend of educated Kashmiri youth taking up arms (as in the armed resistance movement of 1990s) is a reaction to the oppressive policies adopted by Indian authorities in Kashmir and the continuous human rights violations at the hands of Indian forces]” – is sad to say the least. Because in view of all the political leaders of Kashmiris (in PDP, NC, PC etc) have failed to address the problem of Kashmiris, the APHC Chairman Mirwaiz is the only Kashmiri Muslim leader left who can not only bring succor to Kashmiris but can also contribute immensely in restoring the lost glory of Islam across the world, if Mirwaiz does the following:-

(1)- First and foremost Mirwaiz (more so being a Maulvi) should understand that he needs to be faithful to Islam otherwise he will become irrelevant in public life of Kashmir. Every religion by nature is proselytizing, only difference is that in contemporary human-rights-friendly world this should be done in a legally acceptable peaceful way. Moreover every religion came in existence during monarchy (rule of kings and emperors) hence most of their values (about this-worldly matters) come in conflict with democratic values. Hence every religion needs to be updated which is a slow and creative process.

(2)- Anyone who has not merely read Quran but has practiced its basic principles knows that Islam is a religion closest to democracy. Hence when human-rights-friendly Islam can become the religion of most of the mankind all over the world, the talk full of melancholy by Mirwaiz about a political model (so-called separation or independence for Kashmir) where Kashmiri Muslims will be a minuscule paranoid group is patently un-Islamic [also due to the reason that misguided Jihadis like ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc have not only brought bad name to Islam but has left millions of Muslims bleeding & weeping profusely especially in NAME and AF-PAK region and in such a gory situation in Islamic world Mirwaiz through Kashmir can easily (comparatively) bring succor to the beleaguered Muslims and can restore the lost glory of Islam all across the world].

(3)- As far the statement of the US Secretary of State for External Affairs, John Kerry, in which he had said that – [New Delhi and Islamabad had no option but to resolve Kashmir issue] - the Mirwaiz welcomed it and said Kashmir is attracting so much international attention and focus was a proof that the resistance movement of Kashmiris was being acknowledged internationally. But Mirwaiz naively forgot that in present global scenario of Jihadi terrorism (by ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc) USA and other countries will neither allow a new Islamic independent country (even of Kashmiri Muslims) nor assimilation of Kashmir in Pakistan on the basis of popularly conceived terrorist-promoting religion (Islam).

(4)- Hence Mirwaiz should show not only pragmatism but also allegiance to Kashmiris (of POK) too. This can be done if Mirwaiz endeavors to establish a political model in J&K and in India and ultimately in SAARC which will establish a global political order commensurate with the basic principles of Islam. This new global political order is the need of the hour as explained at: and it can easily be ushered into if Mirwaiz launces or patronizes a new national political party with head office at Srinagar (J&K) and branch offices in all the States and union territories of India [this party will attract huge support from overwhelming majority of India including Muslims, tribes, socially oppressed and backward castes of India who all have been left behind in the economic race of India].

(5)- Many issues which Mirwaiz raised while addressing a one-day delegate session of the Singpora Block on Tuesday - like Sainik colonies, separate colonies for Kashmiri Pandits, refugee colonies, new industrial policy to grab the land of the people of J&K, Article 370, autonomy to J&K etc - will atomically be solved once Mirwaiz Party will demand and work for retrieve of POK in view of the fact that the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written and due to said political party of Mirwaiz the Federal, Secular, Socialist, Democratic SAARC (FSSDSAARC) will be a reality sooner than later.

Therefore Mirwaiz should not waste any time and energy in meaningless efforts and instead should launch / patronize a new national political party [with head office at Srinagar (J&K) and branch offices in all the States and union territories of India] which is bound to prove also a stepping stone for restoring the lost glory of Islam all over the world.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India