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Bengaluru, India: Smart Trump should help gullible ally Modi to tackle Sino-Pak combine at Doklam and in Kashmir

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 19 Août 2017

Smart Trump should help gullible ally Modi to tackle Sino-Pak combine at Doklam and in Kashmir

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Smart Prez Trump after roping in gullible PM Modi as ally on SCS dispute should guide India to tackle Sino-Pak combine (ii)- India at Doklam against all international laws (iii)- USA should ask India to contain China by handing-over Indo-China border settlement to UNJC and by withdrawing from Doklam and then retrieve PoK (iv)- Present Hindutva dispensation dangerously alienating Muslim Kashmiris to buttress claim of theocratic Pakistan over Kashmir (v)- As long as PoK remains with Pakistan entire J&K is a disputed territory hence need for Article 35 A / 370

----- India intervened as third party (on the invitation of Bhutan allegedly under a friendship treaty) at Doklam in the dispute between China and Bhutan and it has led to the threat issued by China that it will also intervene as third party (on the invitation of Pakistan under a friendship treaty) in Kashmir in a dispute between India and Pakistan. Given the intransigent nature and communal bent of mind of present Modi regime in India (which is more communal than earlier Indian regimes), the combine of Pakistan and China are smelling blood as India is dangerously trapped at Doklam and in Kashmir.

When July, 2016 judgment of International Tribunal over South China Sea (SCS) was not obeyed by China it was the responsibility of UN promoters the UN Permanent Members (UNSC) to get it implemented and it was none of the business of India to unnecessarily get involved in this matter by getting it obliquely mentioned in joint statement of Trump-Modi during June 2017 visit of PM Modi to USA. This has incensed China and which trapped India at Doklam by making India to remain at Doklam in violation of every international law so that China can intervene in Kashmir in order to keep India at its ‘proper’ place by helping its ally Pakistan to snatch Kashmir from India militarily (with Chines military support).

India is against every international law while being at Dokalm because:-

(i)- India says that it has gone on the invitation of Bhutan at Doklam under friendship treaty which obliges India to be responsible for the defense of Bhutan. But the status of Bhutan as somewhat protectorate of India is not correct as relevant Article 2 of Indo-Bhutan Treaty of 1949 which reads as “[The Government of India undertakes to exercise no interference in the internal administration of Bhutan. On its part the Government of Bhutan agrees to be guided by the advice of the Government of India in regard to its external relations]” has been changed into Article 2 of Indo-Bhutan Treaty of 2007 which reads as “[In keeping with the abiding ties of close friendship and cooperation between Bhutan and India, the Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Government of the Republic of India shall cooperate closely with each other on issues relating to their national interests. Neither Government shall allow the use of its territory for activities harmful to the national security and interest of the other]”

(ii)- In response to India’s claim that under Indo-China Treaty of 2012 the status-quo of tri-junction point cannot be disturbed, China has said that China has not breached this treaty as this treaty is about tri-junction point and not about lines and areas and China has not disturbed the tri-junction point and India has not contradicted this claim of China.

(iii)- India claim that – ‘If China comes at Doklam then it will endanger security of India as it will bring China closer to chicken-neck (the silliguri corridor)’ - is legally untenable because there are many chicken-necks all over the world and security of one nation cannot challenge the sovereignty of other nation. Rather every nation has to manage its defense commensurate with geographical realty.

In view of the above India rather should have advised UN member Bhutan to approach United Nations when China entered unilaterally & high-handedly at Doklam which is a disputed territory between China and Bhutan. But now India being at Doklam has changed the situation dangerously. Even if India and China show some wisdom and try to avoid Indo-China war, Pakistan will not allow it. Theocratic Pakistan in the present situation finds golden opportunity to snatch from so-called secular India the territory of at-least Muslim Kashmir (if not non-Muslim areas of Jammu and Ladakh) for which Pakistan has fought many wars and for which, as per media reports, Islam has laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis.

Though the record of India about secularism is not as unblemished as one would like it to be but still India is a democracy of ~ 1.3 Billion people and constitutionally secular that too in this part of Asia. Hence in the interest of ‘global war against terrorism’ the USA should go all out to avoid any advantage in Kashmir to militant Jihadis and Jihadi / terrorism supporting nation Pakistan vis-à-vis secular India. This can be done only when Hindu majority India (A)- Stops taking away special status granted under Article 370 / 35 A from J&K till PoK is retrieved (B)- Practices genuine secularism by retrieves Muslim PoK and (C )- Motivates Muslim Kashmiris to raise demand for retrieve of PoK from Muslim Pakistan.

Unless dispute is resolved in any disputed territory mostly permanent-residents (natives) can live and others can live in a way which does not change the demography of that disputed territory (especially about voting rights). India was partitioned on the basis of religion. Even today India and Pakistan both are mired in communalism (India subtly and Pakistan grossly / crudely). For Kashmiris (for showing their secular credentials) merely parroting is not enough that – ‘despite being Muslim majority State (in the backdrop of two nation theory which partitioned India) the State of J&K opted for Hindu majority India’.

Rather Kashmiri Muslims should keep their religion separate and instead in-tune with genuine secularism should start thinking about solving the Kashmir problem (due to which mainly hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris are bleeding and weeping including their women, children and old people) so that Kashmir problem can be solved by Kashmiri Muslims by demanding from government of India the retrieve of PoK from Muslim Pakistan as explained below:-

Of-course before retrieving PoK India will have to neutralize military threat from China by handing-over Indo-China border settlement to UN Judicial Commission (UNJC) as this border dispute is a legal dispute and which can easily be settled by UNJC (unlike India’s dispute with Pakistan which is a political dispute over J&K). India can easily make China to accept UNJC because China, as permanent veto wielding UN member, is much more under legal obligation to settle its dispute with neighbors.

It is hoped that smart Prez Trump (after roping in gullible PM Modi as ally on SCS dispute) will guide India not only to tackle the military threat from Sino-Pak combine but also to resolve gory and chronic Kashmir problem (in consonance with ‘global war against radical-Islamist-terrorism’)


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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