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Centrafrique: Zemio, hundreds of women stage topless protest

Alwihda Info | Par Eve Malonga - 23 Novembre 2014

Eve Malonga

ZEMIO (LNC) — For a week now, as we mentioned in a previous post, in Zemio (in the southeastern) and around, there is an orgy of violence and killing between the Christian and the Muslim communities.
Death toll again non-exhaustive reported 3 killed and dozen wounded.
Thirty-two houses have been set on fire at a village called Bokou, located at 35 km of Zémio.
Violence flared up again on 18 and 19 November.

This week it reached Zemio, wounding about 10 people and displacing most of the local population, which contains Christians and Muslims.
Clashes grow on the Zemio-Rafaï line.

Thousands of people fled their homes to save their lives and took shelter near Ugandan military base and also of UNHCR base.


On Saturday, an unusual demonstration occurred in Zemio, when hundreds of women have marched topless through the town to protest sectarian violence.
Those women saying that going partially nude would bring a curse on those responsible for the violence.

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