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In preparation for its 20th anniversary, Al Jazeera hosts three international events

Alwihda Info | Par - 9 Mars 2016

In preparation for its 20th anniversary, Al Jazeera hosts three international events
Doha, March 6th – While preparing for its upcoming 20th anniversary, Al Jazeera Media Network will host three consecutive events from the 19th to the 22nd of March, 2016. The World Media Summit, the International Press Institute’s (IPI) World Congress, and Al Jazeera’s annual flagship event, the 10th Al Jazeera Forum in Doha, Qatar.

The Al Jazeera Forum, which takes place from 21-22 March, will examine the “Regional and International Struggle in the Middle East.” The Forum brings together political leaders, intellectuals, journalists and activists from the Arab world and beyond, to explore and build dialogue on the future of the region in light of its current situation.

In addition, this year’s World Media Summit, will take place from 20-21 March, and is entitled the “Future of News and News Organizations.” The summit, an international media forum dedicated to enriching cooperation between media institutions, will seek to address the challenges imposed by rapid developments in the world of modern communication and media.

The third event, the 2016 IPI World Congress, which takes place from 19-21 March, will explore the theme "Journalism at Risk: Safety and Professionalism in a Dangerous World." The Congress will tackle the ever-important issue of safety of journalists, gathering experts and media professionals to analyse the developments in the region and across the globe. 

Al Jazeera’s Acting Director General, Dr. Mostefa Souag, said “Hosting these three conferences reinforces Al Jazeera’s commitment to press freedom and securities, and to the development of the news industry as a whole. We are extremely proud to be engaged in this dialogue going into our 20th year, especially with our colleagues at IPI and WMS.” 
All three events will be livestreamed at the following link:

To interact, please use the hashtag: #AlJazeera20

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