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Martyr's Tent: Part of the Fifth Edition of MoI Ramadan Councils

- 8 Juin 2016 modifié le 1 Janvier 1970

To mark the auspicious month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) will be launching the fifth edition of its Ramadan council, on Friday, under the slogan “This is what Zayed loves most”. The initiative is implemented under the auspices of the Martyrs' Families Affairs Office.

These councils complement the initiative that started in 2012 to host such councils, as an effort from the MoI to involve the UAE citizens and provide them with the opportunity to discuss the important topics of interest to the public.

The Martyrs' Families Affairs Office will be sponsoring these purposeful councils, which will pay tribute to martyrs this year, in recognition of their role and precious sacrifices to elevate their country, by setting up a "Martyr's Tent” in each emirate. The office will be lending support and assistance to these councils, being the competent authority that makes sure that the bereaved families are given all the support and care they need.

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