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Putin harmed Russia by not mentioning Crimea / Ukraine in Press Statement and not addressing Parliament in India

Alwihda Info | Par hem raj jain - 14 Décembre 2014


Putin's India visit

Sub:- (i)- Putin also, like cold war Russian leaders, doesn't know how to use Indian friendship (ii)- Putin’s confused policy on Crimea / Ukraine will further cause unnecessary bloodshed of Russian speaking Ukrainians (iii)- Putin doesn't understand that without addressing Ukraine crises Russia wouldn't achieve anything anywhere

Dear Editor

The recent visit by Russian President V. Putin to India was a flop-show as given below:-

(1)- Putin doesn't understand that without bringing marital matters under control, economic deals do not take any country much further. Without addressing Ukraine crises, Russia wouldn't achieve anything anywhere (even over-hyped Russia - China $ 400 Billion 30 years contract will not matter much unless China supports Russia militarily and diplomatically about Ukraine crises). During just concluded India visit of Putin, 20 government pacts and business agreements were signed but they do not mean much in view of what, in the backdrop of Ukraine crises, leader of militarily powerful NATO, the USA has said that "now is not the time for business as usual with Russia".

(2)- Russia is the only country which was prepared to shed its blood for India during 1971 war with Pakistan (when USSR declared that it would send its war ships if USA brought its warship in Bay of Bengal and which decided Bangladesh war in India's favor). India was under moral obligation to pay-back but India failed to do it during cold war in Afghanistan in eighties when India did not take POK militarily which could have eased pressure on USSR especially from Pakistani side. But India preferred to ditch not only USSR but people of J&K and even territorial integrity of India. - [Though this wouldn't have averted the dismemberment of USSR as it was following wrong economic policies by squandering State Capital, but at-least India (as a trusted military ally) would have paid-back and which would have brought many reliefs to USSR]. Putin also, like cold war Russian leaders, doesn't know how to use Indian friendship.

(3)- Putin could not understand that if idea of RUSIND is published in Russia in its leading newspaper Pravada then people and establishment of Russia want India with Russia in every matter and in every way

(4)- Russia is not at fault as it assimilated Crimea only after West (USA & its European Allies) supported violent protest by rebels and military coup against democratically elected President. Therefore Putin has harmed Russia by not mentioning Crimea / Ukraine in Press Statement and by not ensuring that he addresses Indian Parliament (which was much publicized before he came to India). Putin should have also made the presence of Crimean leader Aksyonov as part of Russian official delegation. Putin in this way should have made Russian case (about Ukraine) clear on the soil of India that Crimea is now a part of Russia and if Ukraine does not stop bloodshed & killing of Russian speaking Ukrainians (including in Donetsk and Luhansk region) then Russia will be constrained to intervene militarily and assimilate these and some neighboring regions too in Russia.

(5)- Nothing less than such clear foreign policy will help Russia. Because the presence of President of Russia is not needed merely for ‘Annual India - Russia Summit”, therefore only such clear enunciation / articulation of foreign policy of Russia (about Ukraine) would have made any sense of Putin’s visit to India. Putin should have left it to India to decide whether it supports such foreign policy of Russia or not and to what extent. Putin grossly failed to understand that - had he articulated his foreign policy clearly as mentioned above then most of India (including its political parties, media, political / strategic commentators etc ) would have shown their support to it in many ways. But Putin has missed this golden opportunity

Putin’s confused and apologetic policy on Crimea / Ukraine is now bound to further cause unnecessary bloodshed & killing of Russian speaking Ukrainians (and further global humiliation and emaciation of Russia through sanctions etc).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru (Karnataka), India

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