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USA : Obama et Romney à la fois trompeurs

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 24 Octobre 2012

Both Obama & Romney misleading Americans - Without utilizing Christianity USA wouldn’t succeed

Ref:- (i)- Obama is as totally confused about economy and foreign affairs as Romney

(ii)- Romney as President shall be beneficial to USA than Obama

(iii)- During three debates people could see America in pro-active Romney and not in passive Obama

(iv)- Romney’s political entrepreneurship of plunging instead of too much ruminating, is what USA needs.

(v)- Only and greatest strength of Romney is that he believes ‘President must use America’s Power to shape history and not lead from behind’.

(vi)- Both Romney’s and Obama’s prescriptions about job creation, are ineffective

(vii)- High wages and huge fake & easy money in this age of globalization, the biggest impediment to US economic recovery.

(viii)- Isolationist mindset and hit & run policy (the main reasons for the atrophy of USA) have chances of cure under Romney and not under Obama.

(ix)- With Romney in White House the present UN bound to be rightly reshaped, due to his proactive Syria policy

(x)- Through Romney's Syria solution, Iran - Israel problem will automatically be solved

(x)- USA before thinking about propagating ‘Secular Democratic Globalization’ should learn some lessons from experience of India, the largest democratic developing economy.

(xi)- Without having permanent mechanism of engagement by replacing OP – 1 of ICCPR at UN with MP – 1, USA can never hope to be comfortable.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Globally televised three debates between Presidential candidates Obama and Romney have amply shown that both the candidates are totally confused and Americans will have to exercise their choice in view of given below and as per following in order to not only come out of their present economic and political crises but also to secure an everlasting peaceful and happy existence in this drastically changing globalized world:-

(1)- First and foremost USA has to understand that their main problems which they are seeking to resolve through Presidential election are:-

(i)- Huge unemployment in USA

(ii)- Huge and untenable public debt, which is an unbearable burden even on future generations of USA

(iii)- Lack of peaceful environment ( especially due to terrorism of Muslim fundamentalists) across the world in which USA has to operate due to the compulsions of its mega economy of above $ 16 Trillion and due to Dollar as de- facto -global currency.

(2)- But what USA does not try to understand is that whatever problems USA is facing is mainly due to betrayal of ‘Americanism’ (which I have explained at some length in my book "Betrayal of Americanism") and unless USA reverts back to 'Americanism' there is no chance that USA can come out of this mess. Moreover religion is the repository of the values of any society therefore without utilizing Christianity and without amending UN Laws about freedom of religion (including conversion), if USA thinks that it will be able to solve its problems then it is living in its make believe world.

(3)- As far economic problems are concerned high wages and huge fake & easy money in this age of globalization, are the biggest impediment to US economic recovery. Naturally wages will be high in an advanced economy like USA (for unskilled job the minimum wages in USA is $ 50 per day whereas in developing economy like India millions of unskilled workers will be quite happy to work for 300 days an year at $ 2 per day). Similarly huge public debt of ~ 100 % GDP and ‘Quantitative Easing’ (even by keeping US Congress in the dark) of even more amount has been incurred by US Fed & Govt due to enormous fiscal deficits in violation of Christian values which is against 'Unbridled Usury'. Both these problems have become insurmountable in this age of globalization (which is inevitable due to advance in Science & Technology especially in the field of IT Sector).

(4)- Therefore whether Americans like it or not but there is no escape from the American Value of 'Mobility', if Americans really want to solve their economic problems. But this 'Moblity' is impossible if there is no peaceful environment in rest of the world. The Islamic fundamentalism (especially in Muslim world including in petroleum oil rich countries) is patently hostile to USA and if politicians (including Obama and Romney) of USA and even of powerful Western Allies of USA think that they can solve this problem of human rights (another name for terrorism free world) without the help of Christianity then they are assuming too much.

(5)- What to talk of mostly undemocratic Islamic world even the example of 1.2 billion India, the functioning largest (so-called Secular) democracy of the world should be enough to open the eyes of US politicians. To what extent isolationist mindset (born out of practically water-locked country with militarily weak neighbors) and hit & run policy of USA is meaningless (as far providing peaceful and terror free environment especially in developing countries) can be gauged from the riots in India where the minorities were butchered in thousands by majority community Hindus during 2010 riots against Christians in Odisa etc, during 2002 riots in Gujarat against Muslims and 1984 riots against Sikhs in India's capital Delhi. Victims of these riots were expecting that UN and the leader of free world USA will do some thing to protect their lives, properties and honor by effective intervention of UN but the leader of free world USA remained in its splendid isolation and kept on issuing meaningless sermons for peace & non-violence.

(6)- Here it is in context to add that this week one of US Allies UK (which along with USA boycotted Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat where thousands of Muslims were allowed to be butchered by Modi's Government in 2002) has rehabilitated Modi by cynically sending British High Commissioner of India (for promoting British Business interests in Gujarat to the chagrin of three British citizens who were killed in these 2002 riots). The mankind should not be surprised if USA also follows the suit. Though every body knows that if USA & its Allies and demoralized and selfish Muslims of India had filed cases in courts of Hindu majority India as given below then government functionaries (including Modi) would have been in jail by this time:-

As far the victims of Gujarat massacre 2002, the entire matter can broadly be divided in following three categories based on the fundamental distinction that in category (1) & (2), no evidence is needed form the victims of these riots and Higher Judiciary of its own should have imparted justice long back, based upon government records only. Whereas evidence is needed from the victims for the category (3) only, where Higher (subordinate) Judiciary is dependent on the evidences from the victims in various cases pending in courts. Here it is needless to say that had Higher Judiciary ensured the sanction for prosecution of complicit public servants and prosecution of all the criminals (who by their acts of omission and commission respectively, are responsible for these heinous crimes of Category No 1 & 2) then the entire out-come of the category (3) too would have been immensely impacted in the interest of justice and Supreme Court of Hindu India would not have said that there is no evidence to prosecute Modi etc

Category (1)- Events from 28/2/2002 to mainly 3/3/2002, concerning Gujarat Government :- (i)- People in large numbers came on streets all over riot affected Gujarat due to call for State-wise Bandh (illegal, as in view of emotionally charged atmosphere due to Godhra incidence there was no permission from authorities of Gujarat for this State-wise Bandh) given by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and supported by its traditional allies / associates - like BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. As the fall-out of this Bandh thousands of Bandh observing people under the office bearers of VHP, BJP, RSS, Bajarang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. indulged in heinous crimes including crimes of murder, rape, assault, arson, loot, criminal trespass etc.

(ii)- Police of Gujarat (right from SHO of police stations of riot effected areas to their superiors up-to SP, Commissioner, IG, DGP etc including intelligence, under section 36 of CrPC) and the then Home Minister and the then Chief Minister and their Secretaries and Executive Magistrates of areas were under legal obligation to arrest / get arrested these office bearers of VHP, BJP, RSS, Bajarang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. not only for carrying out illegal Bandh but, under section 34 and 120-B IPC, also for their complicity in / responsibility of heinous crimes of rioters.

(iii)- Higher judiciary did not require any evidence from the victims of Gujarat riots 2002 (A)- for prosecuting at-least these perpetrators (the office bearers of VHP along with its allies / associates BJP, RSS, Bajarang Dal, Shiv Sena etc.) who committed these heinous crimes by their ‘acts of commission’ and (B)- for prosecuting public servants (right from SHO of police stations of riot effected areas to their superiors up-to S.P., Commissioner, IG, DGP etc including intelligence, under section 36 of CrPC) and the then Home Minister and the then Chief Minister and their Secretaries and Executive Magistrates - who by their ‘acts of omission’ allowed these rioters to commit these heinous crimes with impunity.

(iv)- By this time Higher Judiciary ought to have ensured the sanction for the prosecution of these public servants (right from SHO of police stations of riot effected areas to their superiors up-to S.P., Commissioner, IG, DGP etc including intelligence) and the then Home Minister and the then Chief Minister and their Secretaries and Executive Magistrates. But Higher Judiciary of Hindu India did not rise to occasion in this matter.

Category (2)- Events from 28/2/2002 to mainly 3/3/2002, concerning Central Government :- (i)- Here it is important to go into provisions of section 130 and 131 of CrPC, which are related to use of armed forces to disperse such assembly / rioters and power of certain armed force officers to disperse this assembly / rioters, respectively. As per section 130 CrPc when such assembly cannot be dispersed by police force, then the Executive Magistrate is to get it dispersed by the armed forces.

(ii)- But what is more legally objectionable is the act of omission of the then Prime Minister and Defense Ministers and their secretaries in Central Government which caused these heinous crimes of rioters at such large scale. As per section 131 CrPC once military is in the area where rioting is going on then prior permission of / requisitioning by Executive Magistrate is not required. Army officers at site are legally expected to curb the rioting with the use of force, whatever force reasonably required, and by keeping Executive Magistrate informed to the extent possible. In a nutshell, once army is deputed in the rioting area then it is not the State Government but the Central Government (under whom Army is), which is primarily responsible for mobilizing adequate armed forces for effectively curbing the riots. Hence for this acts of omission, the Army officer in rioting areas (and their senior officers in command and control), the then Defense Minister, the then Home Minister and the then Prime Minister and their Secretaries of that time deserve to be prosecuted. The Higher Judiciary ought to have ensured the sanction for these prosecutions from competent authority, but it did not do so

(7)- But USA & UK neither got effective timely intervention of UN to stop the killing of 2002 riots victims nor ensured effective prosecution of government functionaries thinking that why should USA bother about human rights in developing countries. But now USA will have to think about it in view of ‘Arab Spring’ (which last month has already claimed the lives of 4 US diplomat and his Staff in Libya) and democratic globalization in which USA now will have to operate globally.

(8)- But mere protection of human rights through effective intervention mechanism of UN will not be enough. If politicians of USA and West are thinking that without converting substantial part of Hindus and Muslims to Christianity (because most of the Hinduism and Islam is beyond repair) they can remove terrorism from this world then they are hopelessly in the wrong. What to talk of Muslims (a substantial part of which is in desperate need of conversion to Christianity), even 60 % of Hindu population, which is looked down upon socially by Hindu ism and termed as Schedule castes (SC), schedule tribes (ST), backward castes (BC), other backward castes (OBC) etc. (so termed as per the system of reservations in government services and elected offices) are relegated to socially inferior status. Because such demoralized people can never hope to really come-up and emancipate themselves, hence these about 600 million Hindus are itching for honorable and meaningful life. The chances of unchecked and uncontrolled violence during conversion of these people can certainly be avoided if fury of impartial State (which Hindu majority India is not) or any organization functioning under delegated power of States (as UN) is perceived to be effectively present in those areas where the chances of such violence due to conversion are there.

(9)- Therefore in the interest of protecting human rights world over and to facilitate conversion in the exercise of freedom of religion, USA will have to ensure that in addition to amending laws at UN regarding freedom of religion (which will bar any country from putting hurdles in the path of conversion) the Optional Protocol - 1 (OP1) of International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) - which presently allows intervention (including military) of UN in only those countries which blatantly violates human rights and have ratified this optional protocol - is repealed and replaced by Mandatory Protocol MP -1 with elaborate enforcement mechanism in every member country .

(10)- But for this, UN has to be reconstituted where there will be no Veto power to any country and voting power to every member country as per its commitment to secular democratic principles of free society and as per contribution of money, resources men etc to UN. This will also reduce fiscal deficit of USA drastically. USA is unnecessarily incurring huge defense expenditure (~ 45 % of global defense expenditures) out of proportion to its GDP (which is only ~22 % of Global GDP). For this Romney has already paved the way by saying (unlike Obama) that once in White House he will adequately arm the rebels in Syria (with even heavy weapons to take-on the Aircrafts and Tanks of Syrian Armed Forces) to remove Assad regime which has already killed 30,000 (including children, women and elders) and has caused the displacement of millions (including in refugee camps).

(11)- This Syria policy of Romney is bound to dismantle the present form of UN and is also bound to engage Iran (Syria's most close Ally) if not China and Russia (who used veto in UN against Syria resolution without providing any alternative) and who will not like to be embroiled in another version of Vietnam (where USA & Allies will rely on Sunni Muslims to fight the battle in Syria but Russia and China will have to put their boots on ground in Syria). This will certainly render any showdown on Israel - Iran conflict unnecessary and will spare USA and rest of the world from highly dangerous Iran - Israel war.

(12)- Therefore Romney (though confused on economic and foreign policy issues) is at least prepared to try political entrepreneurship where Romney will plunge head-on instead of too much ruminating and getting bogged down in too much ideologies and rhetoric. Romney like a true political entrepreneur will handle the situations on merit as and when it arises. This political entrepreneurship always pays dividends as is evident from the example of India too. The pro-active Kejariwal & Co of India Against Corruption (IAC) took the plunge in politics without knowing any thing how things will work out but got huge success on Vadra, Khurshid, Shiela, Gadkari issues while passive Anna & Co of IAC are cooling their heals purposelessly in Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra.

(13)- Therefore USA should send Romney to White House so that with the help of Christianity (which of-course will have to revive its missionary spirit & activities of health & education in a big way) all the problems of USA can be solved by engaging with rest of the world in a creative and humane way.

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