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What is Law and why lawyers are Needed

- 31 Août 2021

Law and order:

Law and order are essential pillars of society. It maintains peace by enforcing justice. Without it, the community will be in chaos. 

When the population started to increase, the need for law and order was considered. They are a set of rules called laws, which are determined by the heads of the society and which everyone has to follow in any case. 

If there is no law and order in the community, then only the powerful will be favored. They can use power to influence any person , decision, or situation.



A lawyer is the one that regulates these laws and orders. Their whole purpose is to guide his client about all the complexities of the legal methods and then provide sound solutions. 

A lawyer can be of any age and gender. Nowadays, approximately one-third of lawyers are under the age of 35 years. There is an equal number of women in this profession as well.


Duties of Lawyers:

A lawyer must be an effective communicator and understands the law. Trained lawyer proceeds or even defends his\her client in legal matters. They can provide legal advice in situations where court proceedings may or may not be needed. One of the duties of a lawyer  is to follow law and order while helping his\her client. 


Professional requirements for being a lawyer:

To become a licensed lawyer, there is a whole procedure that a person has to follow. They must go through special schooling. Pass a state bar examination. He\she must go through the character and fitness review. Takes an oath to formulate law and order in his\her proceedings. Then they must receive the license from the highest court in the state.


Why do we need lawyers?

The reason why you need a lawyer is that lawyers study law and order. They have a deep understanding of this profession. They are equipped with proper skills and tools which are needed in court cases.

It is the right of every individual of the society to get equal rights and justice and ensure it, and we need lawyers. They deeply study the case. Identify all the facts or weak points and then set their strategy to work on it. 


Top lawyers:

Anyone who studies the law can become a lawyer but being a skilled lawyer who can easily walk you through the whole legal matter needs many other traits. The best lawyer is one who has relevant experience and expertise in many areas of law. 

A dedicated lawyer is an active listener, a good analyzer, and then an effective communicator. To ensure justice and equality, you always need a lawyer who, by his arguments, proceeds or even defends you in any matter. 

It is also an issue how to find such a lawyer? The answer to this question is Tembusu Law which has  top lawyers in Singapore . Tembusu Law believes that it is the right of every individual that they get fair and equal representation in the court.



It is not obligatory to have a lawyer in the court in every case. But to have one who is professional and experienced adds to the possibility of better decisions. After all, no one could understand the law better than a lawyer.

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