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‘Halal'-certified quality Indian products to push into the potential Gulf market, ...

- 26 Juillet 2016 modifié le 1 Janvier 1970

With the largest chunk of overseas Indian population living in the Gulf countries, the market potential for ‘Halal'-certified products from India in this region continues to grow, says Haji Shakeel Qureshi, a global promoter of ‘Halal' certification and chairman of Indian exporting major Marya Day Group.

This is because, he says, consumers in the Gulf countries prefer ‘Halal' food and the governments in these countries have created set of ‘Halal' standards that cover everything from farm-to-fork. India is currently a fast growing economy in the world and increased awareness about ‘Halal' quality standards in the trade and business sector can provide elevated opportunity to upcoming entrepreneurs from India to export their products to more foreign countries.

Mr. Qureshi leads a global drive to create awareness on ‘Halal' trade and its hugely positive impact on the society, considering ‘Halal' is still an under-appreciated concept especially in India. ...

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