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Centrafrique: Samba-Panza at the mercy of the Anti-Balaka's vagaries

Alwihda Info | Par Eve Malonga - 14 Octobre 2014 modifié le 14 Octobre 2014 - 07:16

Eve Malonga

BANGUI (LNC) — Serious incidents taking place last week are further undermined the fragile position of the interim President Catherine Samba-Panza, who does not know how to do about the urgent sum of concerns she must face.


After three days of lootings and crimes, however, on Saturday, the President of the Republic received the heads of the Anti-Balaka militias for a meeting at the Renaissance Palace. The same Anti-Balaka militiamen who few hours before have plunged the capital into fire and blood.

Furthermore, pressure from rebels wants to force the President to agree with five of their conditions, simply being the total impunity for their repeated abuses:
1- The release of their members behind bars.
2- To stop police investigations against leaders of Anti-Balaka and their militiamen
3- The facilitation of their integration in the Board of the National Transitional Council (CNT)
4- The reinstatement of their executives sacked from the civil service
5- Calling on the Government of Mahamat Kamoun to step down.

If the first four conditions (incredibly) were taken into account by the Head of State, however, she opposed the resignation of the Government, arguing that “all relating to the institutions of the Republic must not to be dealt with in the current context of crisis.”


The Anti-Balaka position remains unchanged: Calls for Catherine Samba-Panza to stand down immediately.

Igor Lamaka the spokesperson of the Anti-Balaka, adopting increasingly threatening language told the press on Sunday:
« The ultimate solution for a lasting return of peace in Centrafrique, is the resignation of Catherine Samba Panza and her Premier Mahamat Kamoun, unconditionally.
Always committed to peace, our positions are going to remain intact in the city of Bangui. We shall not move. Because the movement Anti-balaka is the emanation of the Central African people. »

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